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In the Seloria empire, a great order has been ruling the country for about a century: the Pantheon. It is directed by the Arch-Priest, the Arch-Inquisitor and the General of the Holy Armies. This order diffuses a polytheistic religion based on the exploits of three great Magi, who, according to the Pantheon, would have acquired the divinity. The three current leaders are in fact images of the Three: that is, the Grand Magus (Arch-Inquisitor), the High Priest (Arch-Priest), the Great Spellsword (General of the Holy Armies). The Pantheon decreed as national its religion throughout the country, while displaying an opening message. Thus officially, other religions are tolerated. In fact, all religions that advocate measure, simplicity, that condemns magic or condemns polytheism are persecuted, and its practitioners secretly removed to be forcibly converted by the Inquisitors into the great Monastery of the Pantheon. Especially the religion of the Creator, monotheist and arguing that the Pantheon is only a lie intended to control the masses and is only a political choice. Nevertheless, the religion of the Pantheon has many faithful who voluntarily converted originaly.

In our history, the grandfather of the hero, has investigated for a large part of his life the origins of the Pantheon. He managed to find suspicious and contradictory elements. From his elements, he wrote a book to show readers that the Pantheon was an invention. At the time this book was published, the Great Inquisitors did not exist. His publication created a crowd movement in the capital, which wanted to overthrow the Pantheon. The Arch-Inquisitor then cast a spell to alter the memory of the crowd who forgot the contents of the book. The books were seized everywhere in the capital by the soldiers of the Holy Armies, and destroyed. Following which the Great Inquisitors were deployed to all parts of the empire to erase the memory of others who read the book, retrieve the remaining copies from around the world, and find the hero's grandfather (named Uriel) to bring him back dead or alive to the Pantheon.

At the moment the hero wakes up, Pepe is gone. Being pantheonian, he does not know the whole story of his grandfather. Since birth, he has the rare ability to perceive and destroy magical alterations, even if he does not master this facet of his gift. He is able to detect if a person is under the influence of a spell, for example if her memory has been modified. This is how he is able to communicate with his dog, who is in fact a transformed person. This is indeed the sweetest fate that the Pantheon holds for people who strongly oppose the latter. This is how he came across while looking for Pepe the young M'ri, who was transformed into a cat, her and all her family. Whether it was because Grandpa had disappeared or for some other reason, he managed to partially cancel the spell that hit M'ri. That's how they went in search of Pepe. They ended up going up, thanks to the talents of M'ri to an old volcanic cave. They discovered him at the bottom of the cavern, ready to be teleported or worse executed by an Assassin, sent by the Grand Inquisitor of the region. After killing the Assassin, they returned home and Pepe explained the truth to the hero. They decided to go together to Rodetown for their safety. Divided between the story of his grandfather and his own beliefs, the hero will have to choose the way he thinks best to reveal the truth: by force or by the spirit.

But far from all these conflicts, a much greater threat is developing in the caves, much more dangerous than all the quarrels of men. But is it really the enemy? Or is it just another hidden truth that seeks justice? Seloria is on a wave of change, and our hero's choices will be decisive elements of his future.

Install instructions

Unzip folder, launch Game.exe. If the game is too laggy, disable lightning in option menu.


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Version 3 Apr 22, 2019

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